From time to time we get surprised by the answers kids give to some questions. This week we received some results from tests that Alex did at school and both had to smile when we saw some of his answers. The test was about winter and the month of december. One of the questions was: what are 2 important events in the month of December. The expected answer of course is New Year and Christmas. Alex however answered:

– Play in the snow

– Make a snowman

Unfortunately the results of the tests also came with a general evaluation of Alex and we both are a bit surprised to see that he scores rather low; especially on maths. Up until recently he was scoring OK on the various tests we got to see at home so we did not expect such bad overall scoring. Iti is true that during the carnival holiday Alex already did some additional exercises with my parents after comments from his teacher. We had the impression that since then things were going fine. But when I did some exercises with him this weekend he again made some very basic errors. We have the impression that for some reason he blocks on basic questions and then gets all stressed and incapable of concentrating. So we will need to work a bit more closely on all this. The good news is that after a weekend of many exercises he did no longer make errors tonight. So we hope he got it. On Wednesday we will meet his teacher for more news and guidance.

On Friday we met with Tim and Kim in their new home in Antwerp. They had also invited Evert and An. It was a nice night in a very nice house. When 2 architects buy an old city house and renovate it with a modern touch you get a place that really looks great. We often think, after visiting other houses that we still prefer our own house. But I must say that I could live in a house like theirs as well…

While we were in Antwerp Matías and Alex stayed at home with my brother. It seems like they had a nice night as well. And Alex was happy that he agreed in secret with Alex that he could come back to the living room after waiting for 10 minutes in his bed until Matías slept.

Bram stayed to sleep and so we had our weekly breakfast at the cafe together with him.

And today Zoe, a friend from Matías came over for a play-date. They have been running around the house together with Alex for a full 2 hours. I guess they will sleep tight tonight.

Over the past weeks we have been cultivating mushrooms on the rests of the coffee-beans we use. I had gotten some mushroom “seeds” and a special box from my brother for XMAS. Until last week, no mushrooms where to be seen. But over the past 7 days they suddenly started growing like crazy. You can see the evolution on!album-295.

There you can also find all the other pictures of this week.