It took Matías exactly one day to fall ill as well. So those of you betting on 24h have won the bet of last week. Matías came home with 39 degrees on Monday after school and I took him to join Alex at my parents place. By the time Thursday came along Alex was fully recovered but Matías stayed an extra day to fully recover. When my mother brought him home on Thursday evening he had been more than 24h without fever. Unfortunately at 5am on Friday morning he woke again with 39 degrees fever.

Since my parents had to leave for holiday (to the snow in Austria) on Friday I decided to work from home and take care of Matías. Luckily he slept a lot and was very quiet allowing me to focus on my work.

Because of the illness we had to stay home 9 again) this weekend, making for yet another quiet weekend. We did however manage to do a couple of things, but unfortunately separately to make sure that there was always someone home with Matías to allow him to fully recover. By now he is all fine and ready to return to school.

In fact we had planned to spend the weekend in Antwerp together with Carolina, Thomas and Tobías, but had to cancel. Marina however still went for a couple of hours to Antwerp to meet up with Carolina and to enjoy some girly shopping in a nicely sunny Antwerp.

Today I then got a couple of hours of time to go for a long 2h run in the forest. I started my run together with Alex on his bike and dropped him off at Hadrien’s place. The run then took me to the Forest de Soignes where I discovered, after many hours spent there, a couple of new tracks. And on those I met a Frenchman who had gotten lost in the forest. The guy recently settled in Brussels and had trouble finding his way back. So I proposed him to accompany him to get him back on course. We ran for about 20min together chatting about life in Brussels. The guy gave me a nice compliment by saying that he tought that I did not have the typical Belgian accent when speaking French…

After the run I was tired and relaxed a bit reading a book while Marina took her time out in the sunny Sunday afternoon for a short walk as well.

After i had dropped Alex at Hadrien’s place they went to Waterloo to visit the big Lion on an artificial hill (the Lion is made from the canons used in the battle in which napoleon got defeated at Waterloo). he came back with a sword and very exited about the climb up to the lion on the 216 steps and the museum they visited depicting the war that sounded the end of Napoleon.

In the meantime we got news from my parents. They arrived safely in their hotel in Austria. Unfortunately the weather is a bit too warm, and the valley they are staying is free of snow. So they will need to head higher up in the mountains for the full winter experience.

To end let me return to a comment i made 2 weeks ago about the monastery hidden inside the museum of antiquity. My statement was: “I am sure the Roman temple was built/erected when the museum was constructed. For the monastery gallery I am not so sure. It really looks like the more recent museum (from the end of the 19th century) was build around an existing construction. But I can not find any reference to an existing building on the location of the Cinquantenaire from before the constructions of the current buildings…”

My uncle Kris (brother of my father who is an architect by education) clarified the situation for me stating that the monastery was build together with the rest of the museum site as a demonstration of Belgian capabilities. A nice feat if you ask me.

The pictures of this week are here.