Matías is getting bigger and bigger and on Saturday he was invited to his first birthday party. Jeanne, a girl from his class, invited him together with 6 other kids for an afternoon of fun and cake. When I went to pick him up I found back, not a tired little boy, but a very active little lion as you can see below.

I mentioned that Matías was a bit more difficult recently (at home and at school) and that we were giving him a more strict treatment at home. This is working really well and he is much more enjoyable and upbeat the last 2 weeks. On Thursday morning we also met with his teacher who confirmed that also at school his behavior improved visibly. Matías suffered a bit from the reduced attention he got at school from the teacher (Juf Ilke) after 7 more kids joined his class after the XMAS break (there are now 20 kids in his class). He reacted to this by being more aggressive both towards the teacher and the other kids (as a way to attract attention). The stress this brought was probaly also the cause for him being difficult at home. But after seeing (both at home and at school) that we do not tolerate this behavior he adjusted again and is going back to being the nice loving kid.

The teacher was happy and so are we.

While Matías was partying Alex spend a lot of time with Hadrien. Hadrien had invited him to spent the night on Saturday. On Saturday afternoon they went to a laser shooting game and was clearly enjoyed this very much. We are not really fans of (playing) guns.

With both Matías and Alex out of the house Marina and I had some time on our own and we used it to go for a bike-tour and walk in the city.

Tonight my parents arrived with a car full of food and luggage. They will be spending the whole coming week with us. Next week is school holiday and normally the kids who go spend it with my parents. But this time they will come to our place. This has the advantage that we get to see the kids every day and also gives us some additional help at night and will allow Marina and i to also go out together. So we are looking forward to that.

The pictures of this week are here.